Raised in a Christian home, Marlon Benjamin became acquainted with God’s power and the gospel message at a young age. It was at the age of six that he gave his heart to the Lord.
Soon after, he received the call to preach the gospel and it was dramatically confirmed in a week night church service in 2008 by another preacher holding revival meetings in his church.

As time went on, continuous battles with severe social anxiety made the call of God seem impossible to fulfill, and Marlon began pursuing a career in business. But after the Lord spoke to him in a twelfth grade math class, he accepted the call to preach and refused to let anything move him off that path. He then enrolled in Bible college and was supernaturally set free from social anxiety
during a chapel service. He graduated from Bible college in 2020, and began preaching that same year.

Marlon has an intense desire to see a fresh demonstration of God’s power according to Mark 16:15-18 that will bring in the last great harvest of souls before the return of Christ.


In 2017, God birthed a desire in Marlon Benjamin to see a greater demonstration of the power that the Church has preached about for many years; this began to come to fruition in March 2020 when the door opened for Marlon to hold revival meetings in his church’s youth group. In those meetings, people were saved, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, delivered from demons and were touched by the power of God. This gave way for Marlon Benjamin Ministries to be established in 2021.

God’s power was not meant to only be poured out on the early church or the generation that was alive in the last century, it can be experienced by every person that sets foot on the earth. As Jesus and the early Church preached and demonstrated the gospel, many were convinced and received Christ (John 2:23, Matthew 4:23-25, Acts 3:9-12, 9:39-42, Romans 15:18-19). By this pattern, generations have been shaken and changed by the power of God.

This generation is overripe for a fresh demonstration of the gospel; gone are the days of empty words with no power attached to it. This generation will be shaken one last time as we preach and demonstrate this great gospel!